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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Court Operations (1304)

The United States District and Bankruptcy Courts for the District of Idaho as well as Probation and Pretrial announce operating with reduced staff.  For full details, please visit the COVID-19 Information section of this website. 

Anyone who is experiencing COVID like symptoms or who has tested positive for COVID within the last 10 days must report this to the Court Security Officers at the entrance to any courthouse.  In general, masking will be in accordance with CDC guidance and whether masks are required in any individual courthouse is outlined below. Please refer to General Order No. 419 for how the Court will operate during the different risk levels.

Current Level: Green
Courthouse: Open
Gatherings: No Limitation
Masking: Optional
Coeur d'Alene
Current Level: Green
Courthouse: Open
Gatherings: No Limitation
Masking: Optional
Current Level: Green
Courthouse: Open
Gatherings: No Limitation
Masking: Optional
Workforce Development

Resume Information

A resume is a snapshot of your work experience, skills, and education.  Think of a resume as a print advertisement, your own personal marketing tool.  A well-written resume will make a good impression on a potential employer.  There are two basic forms of resumes - - chronological and functional.  Decide which is best for you based the descriptions below:

The Idaho Department of Labor offers classes in your area on how to prepare a resume.  Check out their website at Idaho Department of Labors for information on their training calendar and to find classes that are being offered in your area.

Chronological Resumes lists work experience beginning with most recent position held.  When to use this type of resume:

  • You have demonstrated experience in the field for which you are applying.
  • Your strongest work experience is reflected in your most recent job.

Functional Resumes are organized by specific skills, experiences, and accomplishments.  When to use this type of resume:

  • You are re-entering the workforce after a long absence.
  • You have gaps in your work history.
  • Your work history is not related to the job you want.
  • You are just entering the job market.

Resume Tips:

  • Must be type-written.
  • Use bulleted lists to emphasize strengths.
  • Describe skills with action words.
  • Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Consult with a Workforce Development Specialist.
  • Emphasize your accomplishments.
  • Do not forget to include your volunteer experience.
  • Focus on skills you enjoy using.

See Samples Of Resumes Below

Cover Letters

Cover letters accompany your resume and are designed to capture the employer's attention by highlighting the specific skills that the employer is seeking.  There is no standard cover letter.  Make your cover letters job-specific by using the skill words that appear in the job description.

See Sample Cover Letters Below

Employment References

Carefully choose four employment references that compliment your resume.  Possible references are current or former supervisors, colleagues or co-workers, contacts made while volunteering, and supervision officers.  This list should include the reference's name, title, company, and phone number.  Inform your references when they may be contacted by prospective employers.  This type-written list is given to the prospective employer at the time of the interview.

See Sample References Below

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