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Required Identification
Required Identification

What will I need to start looking for work?

All U.S. employers must complete an Employment Eligibility Verification Form for each individual they hire.  Before you begin your job search, we suggest you have in your possession, a state-issued identification card or driver's license, Social Security card and/or birth certificate to prove that you are eligible to work in the United States.

Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on the public roads in Idaho is required to have a valid driver’s license.  When moving to Idaho you will need to apply for an Idaho driver’s license within 90 days of residing in Idaho.  If you cannot, or do not, drive, you should obtain an Idaho identification card.  Employers will ask for some form of official Identification when you are applying for work.  An Idaho driver's license or identification card are the preferred form of identification.  Idaho driver’s licenses, instruction permits, or identification cards can be obtained through the county sheriffs' driver's license office that is located most convenient to you.

The other form of identification that will be instrumental in obtaining a job is a Social Security card.  You will need a state issued driver's license or state issued non-driver identification card to apply for a replacement Social Security card.  Visit the Social Security Administration for an application.

A copy of your birth certificate may also come in handy in obtaining your driver's license, non-driver identification, and Social Security card.  Visit the Centers for Disease Control to find the Vital Statistics office in the state of your birth.

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