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District of Idaho

Chief Judge David C. Nye

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Archived Redlined Rules
Redline District Civil Rule Changes - 2015
Local District Rule 4.1 - Redline
Status Report on Service of Process
Local District Rule 16.1 - Redline
Scheduling Conference, Litigation Plan, Voluntary Case Management Conference (VCMC) and Electronically Stored Information
Local District Rule 16.4 - Redline
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Local District Rule 33.1 - Redline
Limits on Interrogatories
Local District Rule 37.1 - Redline
Definition of Confer
Local District Rule 38.1 - Redline
Notation of "Jury Demand" in the Pleading
Local District Rule 39.1 - Redline
Opening Statements, Closing Arguments, and Examination of Witnesses
Local District Rule 41.1 - Redline
Dismissal of Actions
Local District Rule 58.2 - Redline
Satisfaction of Judgment
Local District Rule 77.3 - Redline
United States Court Library
Local District Rule 79.1 - Redline
Custody of Files and Exhibits
Local District Rule 77.4 - Redline
Ex Parte Communication with Judges
Redlined Civ/Crim Rule Changes - 2014
District Local Criminal Rule 32.1
Disclosure of Investigative Reports by United States Probation Office
District Local Civil Rule 15.1
Form of a Motion to Amend and its Supporting Documentation
District Local Civil Rule 16.1
Scheduling Conference, Voluntary Case Management Conference and Litigation Plans
District Local Civil Rule 37.1
Definition of Confer
District Local Civil Rule 47.2
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