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Pro Bono Program
District of Idaho, Pro Bono Program

Pro Bono Program Overview

The Pro Bono Program for the District of Idaho was established for the purpose of assisting litigants of limited means find pro bono counsel when the Court determines that such an appointment is appropriate.

Pro Bono Program Plan

The Board of Judges for the District of Idaho approved the Amended Pro Bono Program Plan, see General Order #351.

Budget Form for Out of Pocket Funds
Complete and submit budget for pre-approval when estimated expenses exceed $1,500.
Reimbursement Form for Out of Pocket Expenses
Complete and submit for actual expenses when expenses exceed $1,500.

General Order Appointing Pro Bono Liaison

The Chief District Judge and Chief Bankruptcy Judge, in collaboration with the President of the Idaho Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, will periodically appoint a Pro Bono Program Liaison for the District and Bankruptcy Courts for the District of Idaho.  See General Order #310.

PACER Exemption Information/Application

PACER fee exemptions are granted on a case by case basis. CJA and other court-appointed parties can apply for a separate PACER account for which the fees are exempt. To apply for an exemption, the party must fill out the request form after having received a Login and password from the PACER service center.  Email requests to Stuart Kaylor. Thereafter, the Chief Judges will consider the request and either grant or deny the request. If approved, the court will notify the PACER service center.   

Updated on May 08, 2024
A Rewarding Experience

Idaho Pro Bono Opportunities

The Idaho Pro Bono Opportunities (PBOW) is a joint project funded by the Legal Services Corporation between Idaho Volunteer Lawyers Program (IVLP) and Idaho Legal Aid Services (ILAS).

There is a clear need for civil legal services in Idaho.  PBOW is a free and convenient way for attorneys in Idaho to find and volunteer for pro bono opportunities.

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