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District of Idaho

Clerk of Court Stephen W. Kenyon

Public 1
U.S. Courts District of Idaho Seal
United States District & Bankruptcy Courts
Local Rules Committees
District Court - Advisory Committee

Per General Order 346 the following individuals are appointed members of the District Court Advisory Committee on Local Rules to serve until further Order of the Court:

Chief U.S. District Judge David C. Nye
Judge B. Lynn Winmill
Chief U.S. Magistrate Judge Ronald E. Bush
U.S. Magistrate Judge Candy W. Dale (chair)
South: East: North:
Dave Comstock John Bailey Peter Erbland
Lynette Davis Don Carey Sonyalee Nutsch
Erkia Birch Gary Cooper Mike Ramsden
James Schaefer Howard Burnett  
Jordan Heller Kyle Cole  
Debora Kristensen Grasham Paul Echo Hawk  
Jim Martin   Academia:
Jason Prince   (U of I College of Law)
Yvonne Dunbar   Jessica Gunder
Wm. Breck Seiniger, Jr.   (Concordia University School of Law)
Gregory C. Tollefson   Latonia Haney Keith
Nick Woychick    
Dana Herberholz    
Ex-Officio Members: Chambers' Staff Court Staff
(Lawyer Representatives) Kirsten Wallace Stephen Kenyon
Bob Faucher   Jeff Severson
Nicole Hancock (emeritus)    
April Linscott    
DeAnne Casperson    



Bankruptcy Court - Advisory Committee

Per General Order 347, the following individuals are appointed to serve on the Bankruptcy  Court Advisory Committee on May 14, 2019 until further ordered by the Court:

Robert J. Maynes, Chair
Matthew T. Christensen
Janine P. Reynard
Paul Ross
Amber N. Dina
Jason R. Naess
Noah G. Hillen
Brett R. Cahoon, Ex-officio
Bankruptcy Law Clerks, Ex-officio


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