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Electronic Training Modules

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PACER Account Instructions
CJA PACER Procedure
Instructions for CJA Attorneys
Federal Government Attorney
Instructions for a Federal Government Agency
Limited Filers
Instructions for limited filers.
Linking PACER Account to NextGen
Instructions to link your PACER account to NextGen after the court has gone live on NextGen.
MDL Attorneys
Instructions for MDL attorneys to register.
Non Attorney Filers
Instructions for non-attorney filers to register for PACER, which could include, court reporters and creditors.

Note: Pro se filers should contact the Court prior to submitting requests for e-filing.
Pro Hac Vice Attorneys
Instructions for Pro Hac Vice attorneys to register.
Saving Payment Information for PACER & E-Filing
Instructions for saving payment information.
Upgrading your PACER Account
Instructions on how to upgrade your PACER account.