Idaho Legal History Society
Byron J. Johnson Award

Idaho Legal History Society’s
Byron J. Johnson Award

In 2007, the Idaho Legal History Society created the Byron J. Johnson Award to recognize individuals whose contributions have significantly advanced the purposes of the Idaho Legal History Society in fostering understanding and appreciation for Idaho's legal history. 

The award, named after Idaho Supreme Court Justice Byron J. Johnson, who passed away in December 2012, is in recognition of the many years of service that he provided in collecting, preserving and disseminating information regarding Idaho's rich legal history.

Award Recipients:

2007 – Rita Ryan, Founding Chair of ILHS Oral History Project

            Mike Silva, Spontaneous Productions, Inc.; Writer/Director,
            The Gate on 16th Avenue

            Susie Boring-Headlee, Founding ILHS Secretary/Treasurer
            Producer, The Gate on 16th Avenue

2008 – Dave Metcalf, Author and Presenter of Historical Presentation of Diamondfield Jack

2009 – Scott W. Reed, Barry McHugh and Teresa McHugh, Historical Art Committee,
            U.S. Federal Courthouse, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

2010 – Gary Stallones, Original Developer and Webmaster of ILHS Website

2011 – Claudia Druss, Debora K. Kristensen and Eric White

2012 and 2013 No Recipients

2016 - J. Walt Sinclair and Nancy Hammond

2017- Honorable Ronald J. Wilper