United States District Court

Chief Judge David C. Nye welcomes you to the U.S. District Court for the District of Idaho.  In 1891 James H. Beatty was appointed by President Harrison to become the first Federal Judge for the District of Idaho.  We have a long and proud history rooted in our commitment to provide an impartial and accessible forum for the just, timely and economical resolution of legal proceedings within the jurisdiction of the Courts.

The District of Idaho has had 11 Article III Judges appointed by the President of the United States, with two of them currently presiding.  In addition to our two Article III Judges, we have three Magistrate Judges assisting with our busy workload.

Our judges hold court in BoiseCoeur d'Alene, and Pocatello.

District Court Calendar

The calendar updates as new information becomes available and is subject to change without notice. To schedule a hearing, contact the courtroom deputy.

Filings Pursuant to Bail Reform Act
Apr 02, 2020
Procedure for Filings Made Pursuant to the Bail Reform Act in Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic
Federal Courthouses Closed in Idaho
Mar 31, 2020
Please see attached press release regarding federal courthouse closures in the District of Idaho.
Appointment to Panel of Chptr 7 Trustees
Mar 30, 2020
Public Notice re Appointment to Panel of Chapter 7 Trustees
General Order re Cares Act Provisions
Mar 30, 2020
General Order No. 363 re Update on Cares Act Provisions for Criminal Proceedings
General Order re COVID-19
Mar 27, 2020
General Order No. 362 was entered March 27, 2020 re Court Operations in Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Civics Contest Deadline Extended
Mar 23, 2020
Ninth Circuit Extends Deadline for Entries in 2020 High School Civics Contest
Federal Courthouse in Pocatello Closes
Mar 23, 2020
Press Release - Federal Courthouse in Pocatello Closes - March 23, 2020.
General Order re CJA Interim Payments
Mar 18, 2020
General Order No. 361 entered March 18, 2020 re CJA Panel Attorneys Interim Compensation
General Order re COVID-19: All Courthouses Closed
Mar 17, 2020
General Order No. 360 was entered March 17, 2020 re Court Operations in Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Notice re 341 Meeting Continuances
Mar 16, 2020
History Come Alive: The 19th Amendment in Idaho
Mar 06, 2020
General Order re Social Security Cases
Mar 03, 2020
Please review General Order No. 359 which was signed and entered today (Mar. 3, 2019). 
2020 Bench Bar Conferences
Feb 12, 2020
Save the Dates!  The 2020 Bench Bar Conferences will be held Sept. 18 in Fort Hall and Oct. 23 in Boise.
U.S. Trustee to Hire Another Attorney in Boise
Feb 05, 2020
A Job Opportunity Announcement to fill the position of Trial Attorney.