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Revised and adopted January 3, 2022

The local rules are available for public viewing at each Federal Courthouse in Idaho (Boise, Pocatello, and
Coeur d’Alene).

Local rules, among other documents, are available on the court's Internet website at  If you do not have access to the Internet, local rules can be provided at the Federal Courthouse closest to you.  You can also send your request, with a return addressed and stamped mailer, to:

Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court
550 W Fort St.
Boise, ID 83724

We welcome your comments and suggestions.  Please e-mail them to: Bankruptcy Local Rules Committee (

LBR 1001.1
Scope, Applicability and Promulgation of Local Rules
LBR 1001.2
Establishment of Business Hours
LBR 1002.1
LBR 1006.1
Filing Fees
LBR 1007.1
Master Mailing List (MML)
LBR 1007.2
Extension of Time
LBR 1007.3
Tax Returns
LBR 1007.4
Payment Advices
LBR 1007.5
Statement of Domestic Support Obligations
LBR 1009.1
Amendments of Petitions, Lists, Schedules, and Statement of Financial Affairs
LBR 1017.1
Conversion or Dismissal of Case
LBR 1019.1
LBR 2002.1
Sale of Property of the Estate
LBR 2002.2
Notice and Hearing
LBR 2002.3
Filing and Service of Plans
LBR 2002.4
Filing and Confirmation of Chapter 12 Plan
LBR 2002.5
Filing and Confirmation of Chapter 13 Plan
LBR 2002.6
Payment of Chapter 7 Administrative Expenses
LBR 2003.1
Section 341(a) Meeting of Creditors
LBR 2004.1
LBR 2014.1
Approval of Employment of Professional Persons
LBR 2016.1
Debtor Representation and Compensation
LBR 2016.2
Debtor Representation and Compensation in Chapter 13
LBR 3003.1
Filing Proofs of Claim in Chapter 11 Cases
LBR 3007.1
Procedures and Hearings for Objections to Claims
LBR 3011.1
Unclaimed Funds
LBR 3014.1
Section 1111(b) Elections
LBR 3018.1
Chapter 11 Ballots - Voting on Plans
LBR 3020.1
Chapter 11 Preconfirmation Memorandum
LBR 3022.1
Final Decree in Chapter 11 Reorganization Case
LBR 4001.1
Use of Cash Collateral and Obtaining Post Petition Credit
LBR 4001.2
Motions Requesting Relief from the Automatic Stay
LBR 4001.3
Adequate Protection Payments in Chapter 13
LBR 4002.1
Property in Need of Attention or Protection and Turnover of Information and Property
LBR 4003.1
LBR 4003.2
Avoidance of Liens on Exempt Property
LBR 4004.1
Requesting Entry of a Discharge for an Individual Chapter 11 Debtor
LBR 5003.1
Electronic Case Filing
LBR 5003.2
Sealed Documents and Public Access
LBR 5005.2
Documents for Filing or Administering
LBR 5007.1
Files, Records and Exhibits
LBR 5009.1
Closing of Cases
LBR 5010.1
Reopening Fees and Procedures
LBR 6006.1
Assumption, Rejection or Assignment of an Executory Contract or Unexpired Lease
LBR 7003.1
Commencement of Adversary Proceedings
LBR 7005.1
Non-Filing of Discovery and Limitations on Discovery
LBR 7026.1
Discovery Rules not Applicable in Adversary Proceedings
LBR 7037.1
Discovery Motions
LBR 7041.1
Dismissal of Inactive Adversary Proceedings
LBR 7041.2
Dismissal of Adversary Proceedings Contesting Discharge
LBR 7054.1
Taxation of Costs
LBR 7056.1
Motions for Summary Judgment and Proceedings Thereon
LBR 7067.1
Deposits (Registry Fund)
LBR 7067.2
Withdrawal of a Deposit
LBR 8001.1
Rules Applicable to Bankruptcy Appeals
LBR 9004.1
Form of Orders
LBR 9010.1
LBR 9011.1
Fairness and Civility
LBR 9014.1
Witness Testimony at Hearings on Contested Matters
LBR 9015.1
Jury Trials
LBR 9024.1
Changes to Judgments or Orders
LBR 9034.1
Transmittal of Documents to United States Trustee
LBR 9037.1
Privacy Protection for Filings Made with the Court
LBR Appendix I
Guidelines regarding Motions to Use Cash Collateral or to Obtain Credit, or Stipulations regarding the Same
LBR Appendix II
Model Retention Agreement
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