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Updated on Feb 05, 2024

Eligibility for admission and continuing membership to the bar of this Court is limited to attorneys of good moral character who are active members in good standing of the Idaho State Bar. All attorneys seeking admission must meet all of the requirements of District Local Rule 83.4.

Our website may be able to answer many of your questions, or feel free to contact Stuart Kaylor at (208) 334-1976.

Process for Admittance to Practice in the District of Idaho:

  1. Be admitted to practice by the Idaho Supreme Court.

  2. Fill out Petition for Admission.

  3. Pay fees for Admission ($250) using (part of Petition for Admission process in #2).

  4. Fill out Affidavit of Applicant if you will not be sworn-in in person.

  5. Email Affidavit to Admissions Clerk at, if applicable.

  6. Set up ECF account when prompted to do so via email.

  7. Certificate of Admission will be sent via US Mail within 2 weeks of admission.

Petition for Admission
Effective April 1, 2018 please use the following link to apply and pay for your attorney admission to the Idaho District and Bankruptcy Courts.
Motion for Waiver of Fee

Pro Hac Vice

Pursuant to District Local Rule 83.4(e), an attorney may apply for pro hac vice admission to appear and participate in a specific case in the District of Idaho.  The attorney seeking pro hac vice admission must be sponsored by an attorney admitted to practice before the Court.

The sponsoring attorney must first enter his/her appearance in the case, or file a Complaint to open the case, and then will enter a Motion for Pro Hac Vice Admission on behalf of the attorney seeking admission, using the Pro Hac Vice Admission Form located below.  The Pro Hac Vice Admission Form will be attached to the motion instead of a typical pleading.  There is a fee of $250 per application, which will be charged as part of the motion event in CM/ECF.  You must file one motion/application per attorney applying for pro hac vice admission in each case.

Upon approval of the motion, the pro hac attorney will be required to register for an ECF account with the District of Idaho.  However, if that attorney has registered as a pro hac attorney in a prior case, he or she will not need to register again.

Pro Hac Vice Admission Form
Motion for Waiver of Fee