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Updated on Apr 23, 2021

If you would like to test your newly acquired skills, or you would like to try out a new feature, you are encouraged to login to our training database to practice. These logins and passwords will provide access to the training database.


AttorneyTestIDB, AttorneyTestTwolDB,

AttorneyTestThreeIDB, AttorneyTestFourIDB,

AttorneyTestFiveIDB, AttorneyTestSixIDB

Password (same for all logins) idahoBkAty2021!
Bankruptcy Cases 06-20001  or  06-00010
Adversary Cases 04-6059  or  04-7010

TrusteeTestIDB, TrusteeTestTwolDB

CreditorTestIDB, CreditorTestTwoIDB

Password (same for Trustee & Creditor)



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