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District of Idaho

Chief Judge Joseph M. Meier

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Chief Bankruptcy Judge Joseph M. Meier
Preliminary Matters
Chief Judge Meier Preliminary Matters

Correspondence with the Court

Judge Meier does not accept written or other ex parte communication with the court from parties, their counsel, or pro se litigants.  Any submissions regarding the merits of a case shall be made by pleading.

Communications with the Law Clerks

Judge Meier permits communication with his law clerks on routine, administrative matters.  The law clerks will not provide legal advice.  Any scheduling or appearance issues, extensions of time, or similar matters should be directed to the courtroom deputy, not the law clerks.

Communications with the Courtroom Deputy

The courtroom deputy will assist with administrative and procedural matters, but is prohibited from giving legal advice or commenting on matters under advisement.  Debbie Jenson is the courtroom deputy for Judge Meier, and she can be reached at (208) 334-9698.  Communication with the courtroom deputy can be made at anytime when she is available.  If she is not available, a voicemail message can be left and a call will be returned as soon as possible.

Telephone Conferences

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Judge Meier will conduct all non-evidentiary hearings telephonically through the end of 2020.  Under normal circumstances, Judge Meier's telephone conferences are generally limited to adversary pretrial conferences or, on rare occasions, emergency hearings where no evidence or testimony is involved.  Telephone conferences must be arranged through the courtroom deputy, Debbie Jenson, who may be reached at 208-334-9698.

Video Hearings

Judge Meier regularly uses video hearings for non evidentiary matters.  The courtroom deputy will alert you if the hearing date and time provided will occur through video conferencing in order for you to provide proper notice of the same.

Oral Arguments and Evidentiary Hearings

Arrangements for hearings can be made by contacting the courtroom deputy, Debbie Jenson, who may be reached at 208-334-9698.  Counsel should alert the clerk to hearings that will require extensive time.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Judge Meier may, at his discretion, assign a case to another judge for purposes of a settlement conference or refer a case to the district's ADR program.

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