District Local Rule Pat 3.7 (Patent)
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Amendments to the Infringement Contentions or the Invalidity Contentions may be made only by order of the Court upon a timely application and showing of good cause. Non-exhaustive examples of circumstances that may, absent undue prejudice to the nonmoving party, support a finding of good cause include: (a) a claim construction by the Court different from that proposed by the party seeking amendment; (b) recent discovery of material, prior art despite earlier diligent search; (c) recent discovery of nonpublic information about the Accused Instrumentality which was not discovered, despite diligent efforts, before the service of the Infringement Contentions; and (d) disclosure of an asserted claim and infringement contention by a Hatch-Waxman Act plaintiff under Dist. Idaho Loc. Patent R. 3.6(f) that requires response by defendant because it was not previously presented or reasonably anticipated. The duty to supplement discovery responses does not excuse the need to obtain leave of court to amend contentions.