District Local Rule Pat 3.4 (Patent)
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With the “Invalidity Contentions,” the party opposing a claim of patent infringement shall produce or make available for inspection and copying:

a)  Source code, specifications, schematics, flow charts, artwork, formulas, or other documentation sufficient to show the operation of any aspects or elements of an Accused Instrumentality identified by the patent claimant in its Dist. Idaho Loc. Patent R. 3.1(c) chart; and

b)  A copy or sample of the prior art identified pursuant to Dist. Idaho Loc. Patent R. 3.3(a) which does not appear in the file history of the patent(s) at issue. To the extent any such item is not in English, an English translation of the portion(s) relied upon shall be produced.

The producing party shall separately identify by production number which documents correspond to each category.